Why Customizable Merch Is a Must-have For Your Band’s Next Show

Customizable Merch for Bands

Are you a part of a band looking to increase your fan base and overall revenue? Having customizable merch available to fans is a crucial part of any successful band’s career. According to discmakers.com, it takes “5,000 streams to equal the profit of one t-shirt”. That said, it’s imperative for any band, musician, or artist to enable multiple revenue streams.

Not only do custom merchandise and custom apparel sales generate income, but they also bolster fan loyalty and create a sense of connection between the artist and the audience. Plus, custom merch helps show off your unique style. Investing in quality accessories and apparel allows you to express yourself through design, have something tangible that your fans can use to show support, and generate extra income from sales. With the right planning and creative flair, you’ll be able to design merchandise and accessories that are sure to make a lasting impression on your fans.

Here, we’ll explore why bands of all genres should consider getting branded apparel and high quality products for their fans.


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The Benefits Of Custom Clothing For Bands, Musicians, & Artists

To start, custom apparel and accessories provide an additional source of revenue for the band that can help keep them performing this early stage in their career. As mentioned above, merchandise sales are often more reliable than streaming revenues, and having tangible items that fans can buy helps bring in extra money when needed. This can be especially true if the band has physical albums or new music releases coming out.

Second, custom band merch gives people something extra to remember your music by besides just your sound or live performances. Having an array of shirts, hats, vinyls, posters or other merchandise makes it easier for people to carry a piece of your art around with them wherever they go – building a deeper connection between you and those who love your sound. When done right, having merchandise available to fans helps your audience feel like they’re more than just spectators – it makes them part of the artistic journey. By offering people something tangible to remember your music by (like shirts, hats, posters, vinyls or other merchandise), you create a deeper connection between you and those who love your sound. Plus, they get to show off how much they appreciate your work!

Finally, custom products and merchandise offer a personal touch that fully engages your fans in all aspects of your artistic journey. It’s not just about selling stuff – it’s about giving people an opportunity to invest in you and show off how much they appreciate your dedication. From limited edition prints to curating a custom design – there is so much potential!

Custom band merch for Been Stellar
Custom Shirts For Been Stellar


How To Design Your Own Custom Apparel & Accessories For Your Band

Creating custom merchandise for your up-and-coming band can be an exciting but daunting task. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Decide on the type of merchandise you want – items like t-shirts, hats, vinyls and posters are all popular choices.
  2. Get creative with your design – the goal is to make something that is visually appealing and that your fans will love!
  3. Make sure your merchandise is durable and will last through multiple washes or uses.
  4. Take advantage of online tools like templates, digital mockups and more to quickly create designs without having to invest too much time or money into it.
  5. Promote your merchandise wherever possible – post about it on social media platforms, include it in newsletters, give shoutouts during live performances, etc.

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Client Spotlight: Customizable Band Merch for Worry Club

We are proud to produce merch for Chicago’s own soulful bedroom pop group Worry Club. Worry Club’s frontman, Chase Walsh will fill you with a sense of contemplation while you tap your foot to his captivating tunes. His animated stage presence and the band’s chemistry is something special. Follow their journey as they continue making waves through the up and coming pop community! You can catch one of their shows locally in Chicago, or in other cities across the US when on tour.

Worry Club uses their unique tunes and lyrics to bring people together. Custom band merch t-shirts serve as an outward expression of the band’s visual identity. For fans, getting to take home something tangible in the form of a t-shirt is a great way to remember that experience long after the show is over. On the other side, having fans proudly displaying your custom band t-shirts connects them to each other and creates a bond when noticed out in the wild. Wearing custom band merchandise increases engagement between fans, the artist, and the audience and helps create an unforgettable impression. Worry Club takes a smart approach to their merch strategy, refreshing designs and apparel styles regularly. Pieces are limited and fans know they are getting something that won’t be available as the band grows, creating a positive sense of scarcity for their apparel.

Customizable Merch, Hats, & Accessories

customizable merch and custom hats for band merch table

Worry Club also ordered custom hats. Custom hats are one of the best pieces of merchandise your band can offer fans. Custom hats are an easy, affordable way to offer something different from the standard “band shirt”. Choose quality headwear pieces and work with a reliable printing partner to create unique designs that will make an impact on your fans.

Chicago Signs & Screen Printing also offers a variety of beanies, dad hats, baseball caps and more. Additional customizable accessories include custom pins, posters, & coozies. The options are endless! Contact us and we will work together to take your band’s apparel to the next level. If you don’t yet, talk to us about getting a merch table set up! Having a dedicated merch table for your band is an essential part of any live show. It’s the perfect way to connect with your fans and promote your brand. At the table, you can offer custom t-shirts, pins, hats, jackets, and other accessories that represent who you are as an artist. Fans love something physical to take home after seeing a show, so having a selection of items to choose from can be hugely beneficial for both your band and its fans.

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Investing in custom merchandise for your up-and-coming band is an exciting way to show off your creativity and connect with fans. It can be a daunting task, but with the right planning and resources, you’ll have dazzling designs that will help promote your band to new heights. So don’t wait any longer – start creating something unique that your fans can proudly wear! Whether you’re just starting out or established in the music industry, custom merchandise is one of the best ways to promote your band and show off your unique style. Not only will it make your band stand out from the crowd, but it can also help generate additional income that you can reinvest into your music. Choose quality materials, find a reliable printing partner, and be creative with design – these are all major factors when picking custom band merchandise that will have a lasting impact on fans.

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