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At Chicago Signs and Screen Printing we take your artwork and ideas and work magic to create customized garments exactly to your specifications. If you made it here, you must be wondering about our imprint options? We use industry standard custom t shirt printing practices like screen printing, embroidery and DTG printing. Let us know what your project requires and we'll be happy to discuss various options that could work to best fit your project. We offer the ability to customize more than just t shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. Our catalog contains other merchandise options such as tote bags, uniforms, bandanas, promotional items, etc.. We employ top technology, experienced printers and trusted techniques to guarantee beautiful long-lasting custom t-shirts each and every time you order. We always offer commitment free quotes to get your shirt printing project started.

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Custom Screen Printing


  • Traditional plastisol and water based ink options
  • Pantone color matching (custom ink)
  • Speciality shimmer, glitter, puff, and vintage

Screen Printing Details

  • Highest quality, long lasting
  • Single color to full color process
  • Great for apparel orders with 30 or more pieces
Apparel Options
  • 100% Cottons
  • 100% Polyesters
  • Blend fabrics
  • Perfect for most garment printing

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Why we are your new favorite screen printer in Chicago.

We love screen printing and strive to bring you the best screen printing services in Chicago. From the inception of your custom t shirt idea to the graphic design and finally production, our company is dedicated to every part of the process. We believe the perfect print doesn’t exist without client relationships. All reasons why, it is one of our most popular services! When you are ready, we are excited to hear about your next custom t shirt printing project!

Custom Embroidery

Stitching Options

  • Machine stitched graphics, logos and patterns
  • 3D puff embroidery and special options

Embroidery Details

  • Highest Quality, longest lasting, luxury
  • Single and Multiple color graphic reproduction
  • Great for custom corporate clothing

Apparel Options

  • Great for Apparel, Accessories, and Bags
  • Heavy weight garments and outerwear
  • Caps and Beanies

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Custom Embroidery Services

The benefit of custom embroidery in comparison to other apparel printing services is its durability and life span. Embroidered designs also give custom products an exceptionally high end look.

Embroidery is also great for custom company branding. This may include dress shirts, polos, jackets and other premium garments. When your business wants to make a memorable experience for employees or clients consider using custom embroidered gear.

Looking for examples of custom embroidered projects? Check out the Portfolio page.

Direct to Film (DTF) Printing


  • Special DTF inks designed for garment printing
  • Digitally printed (similar to a desktop printer but for apparel)
  • Lightweight feel on the garment

Print Details

  • High-resolution, full-color designs
  • Perfect for small and large quantity orders
  • Allows for intricate designs and gradients

Apparel Options

  • Works well with a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends
  • Suitable for both light and dark-colored apparel
  • No minimum order requirement

What is DTF printing?

DTF printing is a new, innovative technology in the garment printing industry. Using specially formulated inks, designs are printed onto a film before being heat transferred onto the garment. This allows for high-resolution, full-color prints with a lightweight feel and exceptional durability.
Unlike DTG printing, DTF can print on a wider range of fabrics and colors, including dark-colored garments. This makes it a versatile choice for all your custom apparel needs.
Whether you are a designer looking to bring your colorful creations to life, a business owner wanting to make a statement with custom-branded clothing, or someone after a unique, one-of-a-kind garment, DTF printing is the perfect solution.

Why Choose DTF?

With DTF, there’s no need to worry about the longevity of your prints. The prints are durable, wash-resistant, and have a soft feel that’s comfortable to wear. Plus, the ability to print intricate designs and gradients allows for endless creative possibilities.
When you’re ready to take your custom apparel to the next level, we’re excited to help with your next DTF printing project!

DTG (Direct To Garment)


  • Water based inks
  • Digitally printed (like a inkjet printer for t shirts)
  • Comparable weight to screen print

Print Details

  • Photo quality printing
  • Full color designs
  • Great for one-off tees

Apparel Options

  • 100% Cotton t shirts
  • DTG Shirts
  • No minimum order

What is DTG printing?

DTG printers use modified inkjet technology calibrated for garment printing. Direct to garment printing is perfect for highly detailed artwork and small quantity orders. DTG jobs do not require nearly as much setup compared to screen printing, so producing small quantities is still cost effective. Whether you are an artist who wants to put your work on a shirt, or someone looking for a one-off custom t-shirt , using digital t shirt printing is ideal. For complex full color designs DTG is often a better choice than other printing methods!

Custom Heat Transfers and Appliques

Print Details

  • Screen printed prints applied with transfer paper
  • Heat transfer vinyl, Specialty appliques
  • Slightly heavier hand than screen print


  • Save graphics to be applied at a later time (fulfillment services)
  • Same graphic on multiple garment styles
  • Jersey names and numbers
  • Sports teams

Apparel Options

  • Typically suitable for most apparel types
  • Not great with heat sensitive fabrics

Benefits of Heat Transfer Printing

In an industry exploding with fulfillment services, heat transfer printing has become a smart way for apparel decorators to keep up with sporadic customer orders. This method allows customers to buy a sum of graphics at one time then order new apparel only as needed. Customers don’t have to worry about creating storage space or spending a large budget on apparel costs upfront. We can set up a company shop which employees, fans, etc. can order from year round. After a fulfillment order has been made we will apply the heat transfer and ship directly to the buyer!

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