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Screen Printing Techniques – Gradients


Screen Printing Techniques: From Digital To Print Using Gradients

One of the most fascinating things about the print industry is taking client’s designs from the digital screen and transferring them to a physical medium they can interact with. With all the technology that exists today, you might think the process of transferring art from the computer screen to a t-shirt would be pretty simple! Screen printing is an art form that requires specific mastery to be able to transfer any digital graphic design from the computer screen onto a t-shirt. From the digital t-shirt art designs, to the preproduction artwork setup and on press manipulations, the knowledge and skill required for a successful print are extensive. Our dedication and experience is what allows us to print complex artwork that comes through our shop.

Often times, client’s artwork, designs, and logos contain multiple colors, or gradients of a single color. Specific preparations must be made when working with artwork that falls into this category. Fear not! Our graphic artists have a printing background and the technical ability to prepare all your gradients and colorful logos! Look at some of the examples our team has produced for local Chicago businesses below!

Gradient Screen Prints For Chicago Brands


It’s amazing how much detail an image can contain using only a single color screen print. Just take a look at the example below that we printed for local streetwear brand, gudPPL. The face has many different tints and shades, but they are all produced using only black.

black gradient screen print on white shirt


At Chicagosigns.com, we understand that the quality of your swag is an integral part of your brand’s integrity. For the highest-quality screen printing in Chicago, look no further! Whether you need CMYK screen-printing, speciality puff printing, or gradients we have your creative requirements covered.

After your apparel is complete, our services don’t end there. Ask our sales team about order fulfillment, online apparel web stores and more!

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