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Custom Printed Table Cloths for Buschwick Hides

Promotional Items

Buschwick Hides wanted some kick-ass custom printed table cloths, because they often participate in events (like reptile shows), and having a bare or a boring table is no fun. So we got to work and created some gorgeous tablecloths that look great and give off a professional vibe, without being over-the-top, or distracting from the important stuff!

If you’d like custom tablecloths, or table cloths with your logo, come get in touch with us. But first, here’s all about the project!


The Project

While at business events, professionalism and presentation matter. Buschwick Hides felt they were lacking something, and wanted their stalls to have that touch of perfection – and what’s better for it than a custom table cloth with your company’s name front and center?

custom printed table cloths with the Bushwick Hides Logo Printed on Front

The Product

They picked out a simple but minimalistic, dark-colored tablecloth they liked. Normally, tablecloths are some of the simplest products to choose, because there aren’t too many options or features available. The only real factors involved are color, quality and size.

Happy with the product size and color (black) , we added the Buschwick Hides logo in a classic one color white print.


The Client

Buschwick Hides is a pet supplies shop based in Chicago that provides bio-active and exotic supplies. If you’ve got a pet reptile, they’ve got everything you need for it. They’ve got bioactive tanks, complete enclosures, and all the accessories you need to put something incredible together on your own.

Fun fact: The owner of the small business is our employee and head screen printer, Erin!


Custom Tablecloths and More, Created Professionally

When showing off your products, it’s important to do some brand awareness as well. A a logo displayed front and center is great for that. Whether it’s a custom table cloth with your logo, embroidered t-shirts, or even stationery or bags with your logo on them – it’s all good marketing within a fairly small budget.

Don’t miss out on the marketing potential a simple logo can have, especially if you have an event coming up! Get your custom table covers made now! We have a 5-Star rated team that will get your items printed and ready in no time, and shipped to you. We ship nationwide, and have affordable rates.

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