Customized Sportswear For Hustle Fitness

hustle fitness customized sportswear

Client Spotlight: Customized Sportswear For Hustle Fitness

For those looking to optimize their health and wellbeing, becoming a member at Hustle Fitness is the way to go. Hustle Fitness specializes in Metabolic Strength Training (MST), an engaging, effective workout that helps tone lean muscle and lose body fat. Furthermore, the gym loves to support their members’ fitness journeys. With this in mind, Hustle Fitness (HF) is in constant need of customized sportswear and new promotional apparel that is comfortable and breathable for the gym.

Custom Athletic Apparel

Hustle Fitness Reward Shirts

custom athletic apparel custom sports t shirt custom sportswear giveaway t shirt

For example, Hustle Fitness likes to reward members who complete six consecutive workouts with free swag and custom sports apparel. Ultimately, the gym uses these custom shirts as a catalyst for loyal customers at the gym to keep them motivated and expand HF marketing promotions.

The owner, Chris also uses custom sportswear for various events. This includes holiday gifts, gifts for trainers, networking events, small seminars, and strengthening his relationships with clients. Put simply, the shirts act as awesome free advertising and builds a stronger sense of community throughout the entire gym. Not to mention, customized sportswear can be an easy way to show unity within the team as well as make sure each person stands out on their own. Quality customized sportswear also has the added benefit of increasing loyalty among supporters, helping create a connection between the wearer and the brand. All these advantages make customized sportswear an essential part of any successful sports brand’s arsenal.

At Chicago Signs & Screen Printing, we help all of our clients throughout the entire process. From determining different price points, company logo placements, and developing the best printing method, we offer great service with quick turnaround.

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Custom Storefront Signs – Channel Letters

Second, Hustle Fitness wanted new storefront signs for their location in Willowbrook. At Chicago Signs & Screen Printing, we provide high quality installations for custom channel letters, retail signage, and more! For this project, we helped HF create attention-grabbing signage that immediately catch the eye. From creating customized sportswear to channel letters and more, our innovative installations and unique printing technologies will make sure you make a lasting impression with potential and current customers. Additionally, memorable store signage can create an inviting atmosphere by giving customers clear direction on where to go, as well as showcasing deals and specials.

Customized Sportswear – Gym Hoodies

custom athletic hoodie

customized sportswear hoodie closeup

customized sportswear hoodie


Certainly, we make it easy to design custom sweatshirts and apparel. HF decided to personalize their hoodies with their red logo on black hoodies. With their custom gym hoodies, HF created a piece of apparel that works both as a fashion statement out of the gym and a functional piece of workout clothing while at the gym.

Our high-quality hoodies come in a variety of styles and patterns to suit your needs. From funny to professional and embroidered logos to bedazzled designs, we offer custom athletic apparel with fast turnaround and the best pricing. Meanwhile, get the perfect piece to show off your brand today and make sure that you’re looking and feeling great no matter what you’re up to. Looking for something special to complete your outfit? Custom gym hoodies from your favorite exercise brand are the perfect way to meet all your needs! Plus, hoodies provide a comfortable and cozy layer that can help keep you warm on those cooler mornings and during late-night workouts.

Customized Sportswear Gym T-Shirts

custom athletic t shirts

In short, HF came to us looking for a cost-effective way to design new Hustle Fitness reward shirts. For this design, they chose to screen print on different colored t-shirts that display their brand name in cursive.

Customized gym t-shirts can also make sure that everyone who supports your gym brand is wearing the same style and logo of apparel, giving you better recognition in the community. Additionally, customized sportswear gives your members pride in their affiliation with your gym brand and makes them feel as though they belong—something that will surely benefit your business in more ways than one.

Custom Draw String Bags

customized sportswear drawstring bags

Next, Hustle Fitness ordered custom draw string bags in red and black. Not only are these lightweight and practical for everyday use at the gym, but their customized design shows your fitness spirit. It’s never been easier to turn ordinary sportswear into customized sportswear!

It’s no secret that customized sportswear is the way to go for any gym brand. Not only do customized drawstring bags offer a convenient way for gym members to keep their belongings safe during their workouts, but they also bring in huge brand recognition benefits. Custom drawstring bags with your gym logo let everyone know who you are and make it possible for potential members to really get an idea of what your brand stands for. With customized drawstring bags, your gym can stand out from the crowd and show that you’re up-to-date with the latest trends!

Design Your Own Customized Sportswear at Chicago Signs & Screen Printing

At Hustle Fitness, customized sportswear is more than just an extra perk. It’s part of a core strategy to build loyalty and community spirit. Chris and the team believe that rewarding members who hit six consecutive workouts with cool swag is both motivating and memorable.

Chicago Signs & Screen Printing ensures that all of our clients are completely satisfied. Our customized sportswear is comparable to some of the biggest industry brands like Champion, North Face, and Nike. Don’t settle for any generic apparel – make it yours today with customized details tailored exactly to your preferences. We know that functionality and style are important when it comes to picking out a perfect fit. That’s why our friendly staff is ready to help you develop your own customized apparel.

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