How Important Are Real Estate Signs These Days?

How Important Are Real Estate Signs These Days? blog cover image

In order to answer that question, let’s start with another question, posed at you. When you’re house hunting, would you only look at listings online, or would you want to actually go out and look at properties? Chances are, you’d want to go house hunting in the traditional sense, at least to some extent. So, while most people may be doing house hunting and shortlisting online, there is still a significant share of the market that does it in person, and therefore – real estate signs are still useful!

Now let’s go over some other details, including the importance of real estate signs.


Elevate your listings with custom real estate signs

One of the key benefits of having a sign outside your property is that well-designed, custom real estate signs can actually elevate the listing’s appearance. A cheaply designed sign, on the other hand, can do the opposite, and may make buyers think the property is listed for less than it really is. Then they hear the actual price, and lose interest.

Well-designed real estate signs can increase the sense of community, show a buyer that you are attentive and meticulous, and it conveys a sense of luxury at the entrance (and therefore affects interested parties who don’t enter the property too).


Installing lasting real estate signs made easy!

Getting a property ready for sale is a whole process, and installing a yard sign sounds like another major headache. However, there’s one thing you can do to make the process easy – outsource it! It sounds expensive, but most sign printers will do it for a nominal fee. Another idea is to get a sign that’s easy to install, and doesn’t require you to pour cement and do that whole song and dance.


So, how important is real estate signage these days?

Quick answer – pretty important, still. While the importance of real estate signs hasn’t gone down per se, nowadays you need to take the additional step of digitizing the property and your listing. Let’s go over some reasons why real estate signs will always be important:

Creating a good first impression. As mentioned earlier, a high-quality, custom-made real estate sign can convey a sense of luxury and do a lot more to create a favorable first impression.

Increasing conversion rates. If you create a favorable impression and draw in more enquiries, there will be more leads, and a higher rate of conversion. If you need help designing custom real estate signs to get better lead conversions, reach out to us!

Increasing brand recognition. For real estate agents, posting a sign that displays your brand’s logo and uses your colors is a great way to employ the ‘Rule of 7’ to enhance brand awareness.

Selling properties faster. With increased visibility and leads comes the fact that your listing will sell faster, at a possibly better rate.

It’s cost effective. As opposed to ads and digital strategies that require time and money, a real estate sign board is a one-time, reusable investment that will attract the attention of people for as long as it’s up! The circle will be small, but realistically, how likely is it that someone across the state from you will buy the property?

These were some of the benefits of having physical real estate signage up on your property. Of course, there are many more. The bottomline is, real estate yard signs pay for themselves many times over.


Effective marketing using real estate yard signs or real estate signs

In order to amp up your marketing efforts and get good leads, you’ll need to use some mix of physical and digital methods. So get the word out online through listings that have a good description, photos and keywords, and have an aesthetically pleasing real estate sign that lets passers-by know the house is up for sale and puts you on your prospective client’s radar. In addition, socialize! Talk to people, let them know. Nothing beats good old word-of-mouth!

Plus, you’ll need to have something good to offer, so make sure the property is in good shape, and price it fairly, according to the market rate. It’s always a good idea to seek professional help, but if you want to go the solo route, make sure you read up well on the subject. Our real outdoor signage and printing blog can help you with that!


FAQs about real estate yard signs or real estate signs

Where to buy real estate signs?

From us! Chicago Signs and Screen Printing provides high-quality, custom-designed business signs in various formats and materials, and we would love to create one for you!

Where is the best place to put a real estate sign?

The best place to place a sign is the age-old choice, which is the front yard. This is because it is a high-visibility area. Other options include street corners, and near major community centers or landmarks.

What is the best material for outdoor signs?

While there are many options – plastic, wood, or metal frames – the best one for you will depend on your requirements – such as whether you need UV resistant ink, double sided print, reflective aluminum, rounded corners, etc. You can visit our catalogue to learn more.

What is the ‘Rule of Seven’ in real estate branding?

It’s not a rule about just real estate, but about branding in general. The rule is that people need to hear your message seven times before they start to view you as a brand. This is why installing your sign in a high visibility area is especially important for realtors!

What can a QR code be used for?

You can use QR codes for real estate signs and marketing. In a nutshell, scanning the code directs people to a page where they can learn more about the listing, and thus allows them to review the listing without having to deal with a salesperson.


We hope you found this article helpful. CSSP offers printing services to clients throughout the country, and we also provide help for free, in the form of our Chicago real estate signs blog. It has lots of valuable resources, and articles on all things printing and signage!

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