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Carhartt with Logo Embroidery


Custom Carhartt with Logo Embroidery

Recently we made custom Carhartt beanies, customized vests and embroidered jackets for two of our repeat clients. Custom Carhartt embroidery happens to be among our strong suits, so we are very proud of the work our team did. Take a look below to see what our clients wanted to create, and how the products turned out!

Carhartt with company logo embroidery for Lakeside Chevrolet

Carhartt Watchcap 2.0 Dark brown/Sandstone with logo embroidery Carhartt Watchcap 2.0 with logo

Lakeside Chevrolet wanted some awesome looking yet functional Carhartt beanies and vests embroidered with their custom logo – and we delivered! They chose Carhartt products because they wanted the best of both worlds, with durable apparel and branding packing a powerful punch together.

High-quality branded Carhartt vests and beanies

Carhartt® Super Dux™ Soft Shell Vest with logo embroidery carhartt with logo vests

With winter around the corner, the car dealership wanted to make sure its employees were well protected against the weather with Carhartt workwear that would stand the test of time and look great. Custom-made, embroidered vests are the go-to workwear when you’re looking to tick all those boxes. So we got to it, and made something that they loved!

The Carhartt® Super Dux™ Soft Shell Vest is simple in design, comfy and long-lasting, and it features a stylish Lakeside Chevrolet logo on the front. We decided to go with a sleek black-and-white logo so it kept the vest looking simple and professional, with a tinge of style.

As for the beanies, we used the Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0 which is comfy and ultra-warm. Then we used embroidery to create the company’s logo, such that it showed clearly without overpowering the design. We gave them several different color options, because everyone on the team is unique!

The team loved their Carhartt custom hats, and agreed that they were very soft and warm – just what the doctor ordered!

Custom Carhartt jackets for Tri-State Cut Stone and Brick Co.

Jacket carhartt with logo carhartt jacket with logo embroidery

Our client wanted Carhartt jackets for their crew, so they could be safe and comfy during the cold winter months. Custom Carhartt with logo embroidery is our specialty. We chose the Carhartt Gilliam Jacket, which is lightweight, durable and warm. Using embroidery we applied the company’s logo beautifully on the front right chest.

These jackets are available in six different sizes, with pockets in front so you can carry all your important equipment with you. If you’d like to inquire about embroidery orders for your staff, get a quote here.

Custom Carhartt workwear embroidery at Chicago Signs & Screen Printing

Chicago Signs & Screen Printing is a licensed reseller of Carhartt jackets, beanies and other custom workwear products. So, if you’re looking for high-quality, durable gear for your crew to wear, come to us and will we find you great brand name products. Not only that, we’ll get it all embroidered with your company’s logo too!

Custom Carhartt products are in demand year-round due to their style, functionality, comfort and quality. However, when you’re buying gear for your team, another important factor to consider is branding. Your workwear needs to have your company’s logo on it, and our skilled team can create elegant, no-nonsense embroidered logos that will stay intact and elevate the look of the item in question.

From custom jackets to hats, shirts, vests and even backpacks – we carry many popular brands and can provide the exact product for your needs!

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