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Banner Signs & Maps – 2nd City Zoning


Banner Signs & Maps

Want to make a great impression in no time? Investing in banner signs is the way to go! Our vinyl banner printing is as lightweight as it is durable, making for an easy transport and setup. Therefore, your banner will have fade-resistant fabric that won’t easily tear or fade. For instance, all of our indoor and outdoor banner signs and maps come with metal grommets and reinforced edges for easy set up and long-term use. Plus, when creating your banner, you can choose from our extensive gallery of design templates that are perfect for any event.

If you’ve already got a banner design in mind, send us your idea and let us do the heavy lifting.

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Custom Banner Signs & Maps for 2nd City Zoning

banner signs and maps for second city zoning

banner signs and maps

2nd City Zoning is an open source with open data that provides an interactive map. Their online map allows users to view different zoning patterns, learn more about where to properly locate a business, and discover how a building is zoned.

The company came to Chicago Signs & Screen Printing looking for banners and maps with drawings of the city and appropriate zoning regions. Furthermore, they used these banners and maps during a zoning meeting to display a project on the south side of Chicago.

custom map signs with metal grommets

After they sent their images and designs, we were off to printing! We utilized heavy-duty material and metal grommets to support their 18 ounce indoor/outdoor banners. Additionally, metal grommets allow versatility for customers to hang and display their banner as they please.

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From local stores advertising their sales promotions, to community events like parades and festivals alerting residents of upcoming festivities, these captivating banners can help draw attention from far and wide! Not to mention, custom banners with colorful visuals really help to make an impression.

However, there are a few things to consider when looking for vinyl banners. That said, we’re here to make the process easy. Contact us today to speak to our friendly staff. Otherwise, if you’re ready to start your own banners and signs, get a quote!

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