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Outdoor Banners – Oz Park Baseball


We are thankful to have a great relationship with The Oz Park Baseball Association of the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Over the last several years, we have printed, grommeted, and installed their custom vinyl banners. The association uses custom banners around the fields to show off logos of the league’s sponsors. Banners are a top outdoor advertising medium because they’re easy, affordable and display great graphics. These are all reasons why banners have become the trusted method of outdoor advertising for the league and its sponsors.

Check out this banner we did for Oz Park’s Spring 2021 League!

Outdoor Banners for Oz Park baseball

For Oz Park, we hang extra-large 20 foot wide vinyl banners between two different height fences using, heavy duty zip-ties. The banners that decorate this field are more than just an advertising tool, they serve as sun protection for players in the dugout. This installation method allows the fans to see the local sponsors printed on these custom designed banners, while providing function as a roof for the dugout and to give the players shade while they play.

We also hang several smaller banners behind the backstops. This job covers the 3 fields at Oz Park, as well 2 backstop banners located at Jonquil and Trebes park.

Custom banners are perfect for any type of fence, from a white picket fence, metal fences, to chain link fences as seen here in this images.

custom outdoor banner

You can hang a banner without any professional installation help, but for larger and more involved jobs we have an expert team that will make sure your custom Chicago banners are installed perfectly.

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