Make the Most of Your School Year with Spirit Wear & Uniforms

custom uniforms and spirit wear for schools

As the days get closer to the first bell, there’s no better time to get pumped up and gear up with new spirit wear and accessories for the upcoming school season. School apparel and team uniforms are more than just clothing – they represent unity, identity and pride within a school community. Creating customized apparel instills a sense of belonging among students, boosts school spirit, and fosters a positive learning environment. Get ready to dive into a world of creativity and style, as we embark on the journey of picking out the most exciting and expressive apparel for our school community. So, let’s gear up, get excited, and make this school year one for the books!

Maximize Efficiency With A School-Focused One-Stop-Print-Shop

Say goodbye to juggling multiple vendors, as we offer a seamless one-stop-shop experience with a vast range of products and services. From start to finish, we take care of every detail – from creative design, to flawless production and timely delivery of your customized spirit wear and uniforms. Rest assured, quality control is our top priority at every step of the process. Plus, with our comprehensive approach, schools enjoy cost-effectiveness through competitive pricing and streamlined services.

Lastly, CSSP’s experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, understanding the unique branding needs of schools and delivering successful spirit wear and uniform programs that resonate with students and the entire school community. We are proud to be a trusted vendor for over 20 CPS schools!

Our CPS vendor number is #40344.

Get Ready to Sparkle: How to Help Your School Shine

1. Pick the perfect spirit wear, team uniforms, and accessories!

When selecting apparel and accessories for your school spirit wear, it’s important to consider the colors and iconic symbols of your school. Offering a wide range of items ensures that the spirit wear remains exciting and allows students to proudly showcase their school pride in their own unique way. From sweatpants to hoodies & beanies or jackets, we offer a range of accessories that can truly resonate with your school’s style.

2. Let the fun begin and unlock your creativity with our spirit wear design team

Teaming up with Chicago Signs & Screen Printing opens the gateway to a world of creativity and professionalism. Our experienced design team are experts at translating your ideas and school spirit into eye-catching designs. Let us handle the customization, while you enjoy the thrill of planning the year’s exciting activities with ease.

Want to try it for yourself? Design your own gear with our easy to use design tools!

3. From pixels to production – time for printing!

Once you’ve approved your design, our team at Chicago Signs & Screen Printing will transform your concept into high-quality custom products. Leveraging cutting-edge printing technologies and premium materials, we ensure that every piece of school gear not only looks great but is durable enough to withstand daily wear. From vibrant colors that won’t fade, to resilient fabrics that can handle every wash, we commit to deliver school spirit wear and uniforms with quality and style.

4. Activate your school’s web store

Take your spirit wear and team uniform efficiency a step further by setting up an online store specifically for your school! Our online web stores allow your students and staff to conveniently order their preferred school gear, making the process seamless and direct. This not only simplifies logistics but also eliminates storage costs, as there’s no need for your school to maintain a large inventory on site. It’s the ultimate convenience, wrapped up in a cost-effective package, custom-made just for your school’s awesome community.

5. Cue the drumroll and watch your school sparkle!

Once you’ve completed these steps, get ready for an awesome display of school pride! It’s not just about your students feeling a stronger connection to their school, but also – staff, parents, and even visitors.

Uniforms & Spirit Wear Inspiration for Your School

Take a look at what’s possible! Here are some of the uniforms and spirit wear schools have brought to life with CSSP. From creative designs that capture the unique identity of each school, to high-quality apparel that exudes school pride, the possibilities are endless.

Gym Uniforms

gym uniforms and spirit wear for students

Erie Charter School in Chicago reached out to us for new PE uniforms and we were thrilled to start. The school was in search of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants in three distinctive school colors.

gym uniforms for the Budlong Bulldogs

Budlong Elementary School was on the lookout for a fresh collection of spirited shirts and uniforms for their students. Their desired items included custom t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, and sweatpants, all designed to match their unique school colors.

Custom Sports Apparel

From basketball and baseball to swimming and track, athletic teams have come to us for unique designs that capture the spirit of their school and showcase their successes on game day.

spirit wear for the Chicago North Hockey Club

Embroidered beanies offer a durable, professional, and high-end option to show off your team’s logo and give fans a lasting piece of spirit wear. The raised texture of the embroidery adds depth and dimension, bringing your logo to life in a way that’s tactile as well as visual. These embroidered beanies stand out from the crowd due to their remarkable durability and long-lasting quality.

custom tennis jackets for Payton School

The Payton Tennis Team had an exciting vision – customizing performance jackets for their players and coaches. The jacket proudly displays their team colors, name, and logo and is made of top-notch polyester performance fabric to perfectly match their team’s style and spirit.

Custom water bottle for Amundsen HS

Not to forget, we also adore accessorizing water bottles! Customized water bottles have been a hit among students, staff, and sports teams alike.

Spirit Wear for Graduation & Events

spirit wear hoodies for Class of 2021


CSSP also takes pride in personalizing event wear, such as class shirts and hoodies, for various school events and activities. These exclusive items add an extra touch of excitement and unity to fundraisers, clubs, fairs, and other school functions. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the event’s theme, we strive to create designs that not only promote camaraderie but also serve as keepsakes that students can cherish for years to come.

cultural fair custom t-shirt for OLMCA

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Academy was gearing up for their exciting annual “Cultural Fair.” Their students and staff received a colorful surprise – awesome personalized tie-dye shirts. The unique tie-dye pattern provided a perfect canvas for their special prints, specially designed by one of the talented students. The result? Cool, one-of-a-kind shirts that captured the essence of the Cultural Fair while leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved!

Apparel Web Stores Boost School Spirit & Make Ordering a Breeze

Having a dedicated web store for school apparel offers numerous benefits that enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. It provides a centralized online location where students, staff, and parents can easily browse and order school gear at their convenience. This eliminates the need for physical order forms and reduces the potential for errors in order processing. Additionally, it creates an efficient, hassle-free shopping experience, as purchases can be made at any time and from anywhere! Take a look at Lane Tech College Prep’s LAX web store for inspiration!

The Benefits of Choosing CSSP for Your School’s Spirit Wear & Uniforms

Choosing CSSP as your printing provider comes with a multitude of benefits. Aside from the convenience of a personalized web store, we also help empower schools to nurture the creativity of the next generation. Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of providing Moos Elementary School with materials for students to screen print their very own shirts for their 2023 Walkathon. Check out our recap video on Instagram! If this is something your school is interested in, please reach out for more information.

Our commitment to quality, education, and exceptional customer service sets us apart from the rest. Our skillful team of designers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. As a trusted CPS vendor, we uphold the highest standards of quality and service, consistently delivering exceptional spirit wear and uniforms that meet the needs of schools across the district.


The countdown to the school year is on, and we can’t wait to join you on this extraordinary adventure. From high-quality, cost-effective apparel to creative, unique designs, CSSP delivers excellence and ensures your school shines brightly in unity. We provide a dedicated web store that simplifies the process of ordering and managing school gear, offering a convenient, hassle-free experience for students, staff, and parents alike. From bold designs that captivate hearts to premium materials that withstand the test of time, we’re here to ensure that your school stands out and celebrates its unique spirit like never before. Together, let’s make this year one of endless possibilities and unforgettable moments!

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CPS vendor number #40344.

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