How To Start A Clothing Brand: Expert Tips From A Screen Printing Company

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Embarking on the journey of creating a clothing brand can be nerve-wracking, but with dedication and hard work you’ll find it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. The team at Chicago Signs & Screen Printing understands first hand how much work goes into creating your own clothing line. With over hundreds of clients, CSSP has helped many clothing businesses start their journey in the clothing line business from concept to completion. Starting your brand is no small feat but with the help of a printing company, it can be a lot easier. We’ll dive into the nitty gritty details of the fashion industry and show you how to make informed choices with blank selection, creative designs, and advantages that come from partnered printing. Read on for our tips on how to start a clothing brand!

Choosing The Right Apparel Blanks For Your Own Clothing Brand

When it comes to choosing a blank, you’ll need something that is soft and breathable for your customers. Quality blanks should feature superior construction with tight stitches and quality materials like cotton or polyester. Many first time clothing brands prioritize graphics over quality blanks. This can lead to opting for cheap apparel blanks and can leave a bad impression on your first drop. It’s important to remember that your target audience is going to judge the quality of your product and you want to impress potential customers! So choose wisely when it comes to selecting a blank!

Having a quality blank will show that you put every thought into your own clothing brand and will give you the opportunity to showcase your creativity. The right blank will also provide an excellent canvas for screen-printing or other decoration techniques like embroidery. Some popular brands for apparel blanks include, Bella Canvas (3001, 3001CVC,3413), Comfort Colors 1717, Gildan (5000,64000), Hanes Comfort Wash, American Apparel, and Champion. Many fashion brands find these popular blanks to be their go-to!

If you need a more budget friendly blank, try the Gildan SoftStyle 64000! The Gildan SoftStyle is a perfect choice for premium quality at wallet friendly prices. We can provide these shirts for your own clothing brand when you print at Chicago Signs & Screen Printing.

Design Considerations In The Fashion Industry

There are many challenged faced by first time brand owners when it comes to t shirt graphics. Many designers want to print colorful and complex graphics, however, this can increase the cost of printing and limits design scalability. Starting a clothing business can be an exciting venture, but careful preparation is key.

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When designing for a print friendly t-shirt for your own clothing brand, keep in mind that the more colors you choose, the higher cost of printing will be. One color prints could be a great wallet saver when making bulk orders. Or, if you want to achieve complex clothing designs without breaking the bank, halftones could be your answer! This printing technique splits the image into dots of differing sizes and value, providing an array of shades in one single screen. With halftones, you can create intricate designs that would’ve otherwise cost far more – opening up exciting possibilities for your fashion business.

At Chicago Signs & Screen Printing, we offer both traditional and halftone printing. We understand the importance of quality prints when it comes to starting your own clothing brand! Our team of experts will help you make the smartest decisions if you are wondering, “how to start a clothing brand”?

How To Start A Clothing Brand: Advantages Of Partnering With A Professional Screen Printer

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Partnering with a professional screen printer can help you launch your clothing brand in no time. Working alongside an experienced team of professionals allows you to focus on what’s important like consistent brand identity, finding the right business model, or even an online store, all while the printing company focuses on production. It also allows no room for mistakes, as these printing professionals have all the resources to make your brand come to life.

Screen printing companies often have a wide range of apparel blanks available to choose from. This allows you to select the best blank for your design and budget. In addition, working with a screen printing company can save you time and money in the long run. Instead of investing in expensive printing equipment and hiring staff to handle the printing process, you can outsource this task to a professional company that already has everything in place. A successful business doesn’t come easy, so utilizing other resources is a perfect way to get started!

At Chicago Signs & Screen Printing, we offer our clients several benefits such as high quality print work and fast turnaround times. Chicago Signs also offers an ecommerce platform so you can start your own online store with all your custom clothing items. So bring your clothing line online with our services! Our experienced team will provide you with all of the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful fashion brand! At Chicago Signs & Screen Printing, we believe in providing personalized guidance that is tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to make sure your clothing brand reaches its full potential. If you want to start your own clothing company, partnering with Chicago Signs & Screen Printing is the best way to get started!


In conclusion, starting a fashion brand can be a challenging but rewarding venture. By following the expert tips provided by a screen printing company, you can ensure that your clothing line stands out and resonates with your target market. Choosing the right apparel blanks, considering the design elements for printing, and partnering with a reputable screen printing company can help you create high-quality products that customers will love. If you want to start a clothing line, consider using Chicago Signs & Screen Printing as your number one source of printing! We have all the knowledge and resources to get your new business up and running. If you’re an aspiring fashion designer ready to launch your small business, these tips are for you! With persistence, creativity, and a good business plan, you can start a successful clothing line!. So take these expert tips to heart and break into the clothing industry today!

What other tips or advice do you have for someone looking to start a clothing brand?

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