Strategies and Solutions to Elevate a Show with Event Signage

Organizing and hosting an event can be demanding for many reasons. You want to make sure the catering is planned properly, you check and recheck logistics, and you verify that all of your guest speakers and guests are on the same page. Your event is destined to be memorable… or is it?  Event signage can be the difference between success and failure.

Branding is an important part of any event. An amplified brand awareness will cement the event in many attendees’ minds. It will also familiarize the general public with your event as well as your organization. Quality signage  can make an impactful impression with the space as well as the community in which your event is being held.

You want your logo and brand to have impact and consistency  in all spaces it is shown. Regardless of if you are marketing on something as small as a brochure or custom t-shirts in Chicago, or as large as a billboard on the Dan Ryan Expressway, (Or any expressway really) you want your  brand to stand out, have consistency of graphic design, and to create a strong first impression of your organization.

Eight Ways Excel with Event Signage – The Strategies

  • Strategize – Event Signage for you may be just one part of your overall marketing strategy, but it is valuable and warrants time and effort. Your brand’s personality should be expressed in your logo.  What are you trying to say with your logo design? Whatever that is, say it in the classiest way possible and make sure it fits into your overall marketing strategy.
  • Communicate – Think of your signage as a conversation with your potential customers. When they walk or drive past your business, organization, or event site, the signage that remains is sending some kind of message. The good news is that you can control what you want it to say and you can partner with a company who can perfect the look as much as you have perfected the mission and the message.
  • Location – Whether your signage is located in a high-traffic area or the country, there are things that can be done to remain attractive. Include a call to action in the sign, if you need to do so.
  • Color and Contrast – You have experts at your fingertips. Odds are that if you’ve thought it, they have performed it. You may not want to do a gray sign on a gray background. Black is harder to read at nights. White can appear dirtier. And yellow has been shown to be soothing. Contrast is easier to read from a distance. Avoid any tendency to use every color imaginable. Regarding colors, scheme is more important than volume. When you find “the look,” it will hit you and you will know that you have found your brand.
  • Condition – As potential consumers drive past a place of business, most are distrusting of the businesses with signs that are cracked or faded. Some customers notice the cleanliness of a store, the quality of the flooring, and the condition of the signage. All can be a metaphor for the daily operations of the business. Is it always up to date or is it faded and old?
  • Consistency – Your logo, event signage and, thus, brand should be uniform. You do not want to use logos and slogans that are outdated. You also want to use the correct date for the event if the signage cannot be repaired easily or returned.
  • Helpful – A sign should give consumers some sort of pertinent, accurate information so that they may attend an event, shop in a store, or join an organization, Make sure your signage strategy answers the basic questions – who, what, where, when , and why.
  • Fresh – If you need to update your signage for a new campaign, it may be easier and cheaper to build a signage infrastructure that only advertises the one change or one event as opposed to formulation a new logo, motto etc.

Three Ways to Attract More Customers With Event Signs – The Solutions

  • Vinyl Window Graphics – If your event is being held at a new business, a new events center, or even a new place of worship, vinyl window graphics can provide a classy, professional, recognizable strategy to attract glances that lead to attendance. Vinyl window graphics are an excellent tool for businesses and organizations that want or need walk-ins and passers-by. If your event is the opening of a new business, for example, you want to build a clientele that walks past your business on a daily basis. The one-time purchase of a tourist is valuable, but the branding of your business needs to make an impactful impression on the frequently passing locals even more. Whether you intend to use vinyl window graphics to catch the eyes of traffic both in cars and on foot or you want a simple lettered list of services in a designed in a specific font, vinyl window graphics are an impressive tool to attract customers or attendees.
  • Trade Show Signs – You are at a trade show with businesses that are either your competitors or are at least in the same general field. You want to be impressive and classy without being gaudy and conceited. The elevation of your event regionally and nationally may depend on positive trade show impressions to spread the word or gain interest from potential attendees with influence. An impressive showing at a trade show can also bring legitimacy to your business. Appealing, professional event signage says to others that you are serious about your business or organization, and you will do what it takes to see it succeed. The successes of your appearances at the trade shows can jump start a sales funnel with ripples that have long-term effects. Your signage says something about your business to your colleagues and competitors. Let Chicago Signs assist you in telling the Chicagoland area that you are a serious entrée into the field and that your events are an important.
  • Outdoor Signs – The outdoor sign market has been a competitive one, but it has also been one that at times has been bland. Chicago Signs works to turn your vision and dreams into a powerful digital image that makes your outdoor sign clear and visible. Chicago Signs believes that the most efficient form of advertising includes signs on your own property. It has been said that half of a local business’s customers first discover the business through signage and not through radio, print, or television. Use an outdoor sign as an advertisement for your business and watch the traffic in and around your business or organization increase.

When you needs a wide variety of graphic services and custom event signage, ChicagoSigns.com is your answer for the best in process, products, and people. They will work with you in a successful collaboration with the singular goal of increasing your brand’s impression and impact on your event. Elevate your event today and let Chicago Signs be your permanent provider for the signage and graphic services that will make your event a staple within your field and your community..

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