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Custom Auto Dealer Apparel – Lakeside Chevrolet


Custom Auto Dealer Apparel

Are you looking for effective custom auto dealer apparel for your car dealership? Look no further! At Chicago Signs & Screen Printing, we create high-quality promotional items that are perfect for anyone in the car business. Additionally, custom auto dealership swag is perfect for promoting your business, special events, and individual sales reps.

There are a number of reasons why car dealerships use customized promotional products. To start, these items can be used to promote the dealership and special events. Throughout the industry, car dealers use promotional products to help retain loyal customers and captivate new ones. In fact, getting your business’s name out there is crucial to brand identity and name recognition.

Custom Car Dealership Apparel for Lakeside Chevrolet

For example, Lakeside Chevrolet is a long time client of Chicago Signs & Screen Printing who finds a lot of success from our custom auto dealer apparel and supplies. More specifically, Lakeside Chevrolet utilizes new t-shirts to strengthen their brand’s identity for giveaways, loyal customers, and employees. In this case, the company wanted a 4th of July-inspired design of their logo, a corvette, and United States flag on two different colored t-shirts.

All in all, the dealership was very pleased with their styling new t’s. Furthermore, we had the honor of working with Lakeside Chevrolet for a contract printing project.

Contract Printing Custom Auto Dealership Apparel for Lakeside Chevrolet

Lakeside Chevrolet finds branded t-shirts and apparel to work best for their custom auto dealer apparel and promotional items. Therefore, they also ordered custom outerwear too!

Automotive Dealer Apparel and Supplies in Wicker Park

In summary, if you’re looking for custom auto dealership apparel or supplies, contact us today for a free quote. We offer stylish promotional items for your employees, customers, giveaways, and more. In the meantime, check out some of our recent portfolio items to help brainstorm your next order.

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