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Want to attract mobile eyes to your brand wit Car Wraps ?

There are many types of vehicle graphics and each has a distinct purpose. Whichever type of vehicle graphics you decide on, they wind up being one of the least expensive per set of eyeballs in advertising you will find period. They have a great ROI. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of vehicle graphics:

  • Kiss cut lettering signs -These graphics are great for a small part of a car where you would like to give a quick, eye catching message and basic information like a website of phone number.
  • Magnetic vehicle signs-Putting your message on a magnet has a great advantage that you can remove it when you want to just have the car in use personally, but it’s there when you want to receive free eyes when you want it! We use heavy duty magnets for vehicle magnet signs so there is no chance of dislodging. These magnets are great for many business verticals. Chicago Signs sees a lot of magnets being used in the service businesses such as for real estate signs and trades like flooring, plumbing, kitchen and bath signs, and home construction.
  • Car wraps (or partial car wraps)-A car wrap uses a different type of material than other vehicle signage, and while they tend to be the priciest of options, more and more people are choosing the car wraps because they are visually stunning and eye catching. The wrap material is actually custom cut and printed for your particular make and model and then installed by professionally trained and certified car wrap installers. There are also partial car wraps for those that either just want to wrap a part of a car like the hood. Some people do this for advertising, others just to give their pride and joy a little makeover! In fact At Chicago Signs we have worked with all kinds of ideas on car wraps including those customer that just want to paint their car a different color without using paint!
  • Fleet graphics- Commercial fleets need to make a statement about your business and having uniformly designed trucks or cars helps give massive visibility to your brand. While fleet graphics can be a combination of any of the above types of graphics, Chicago Signs is ready to handle any ideas you might have, and we probably can throw out a few to you as well!

 Production Corner – The Process

 Thoughts from our production team

Vehicle graphics (in particular car wraps) are a production guys dream! Especially in the way of car wraps there is a huge canvas to work with and to create something special regarding both the graphics and the messaging. Once it is determined which type of vehicle graphic a client is going to use, we then create or manipulate the graphics to fit on to the specific make and model of your “canvas”. Then we have our certified install team meticulously work on the car so that the actual thing matches the proof that the customer approved. The total process for pre installation design and production is about 7 business days. Installation is then scheduled and usually takes 1 business day. Due to the many steps for this service, rush services on this particular service are only available on a case by case basis. Feel free to read our policy on quality and procedures.

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Our Trade Show Clients Say

In the past I used another company to install my fleet graphics for my company, but there were always problems with timing and scheduling an install. The first time I called, I knew this would be a totally different experience and it was. My install was scheduled easily and they were ready for me with my artwork when I arrived. Completely smooth transaction. I would highly recommend them.

Kimberly MoorePresident - KDM Engineering

Car Wrap FAQ's

Before vinyl graphics can be installed there are just a few requirements: The temperature outside must be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to install, and the surface where the car wrap or decal is being placed should be thoroughly cleaned, dried, and have any dust wiped away with rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

While the fairly thin vinyl wrap will obviously not protect from any kind of collision or dents, it can very much protect your paint coat underneath it by taking all off the damage from thin scrapes and scratches that will inevitably occur.

While we can ship smaller custom decals to any state in the country, Chicago Signs can only install and deliver larger or full wraps within the city of Chicago.

Our opaque vehicle wraps and car decals are made out of a high quality and durable vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive for a uniform and bubble-free application. This professional grade material is easy to install for outdoor and indoor use and will last for years if maintained properly. We also offer a perforated one-way vinyl for windows that allows you to see out from the inside of the vehicle.

The vinyl we use at Chicago Signs for vehicle wraps is 015″ thick and weighs approximately .09lbs per square foot.

Yes, for the most part if you have a custom shape or letters and numbers you want placed on your vehicle without having any background on them we have the machines to cut everything out individually to place on your car. This is perfect for certain logos or easy eye-catching information you want displayed on your vehicle. If you have any questions about what can or can’t be cut out to place on your car don’t hesitate to ask us.

No, once the vinyl is placed on a vehicle it will be too warped after peeling it off to use again, though we do offer magnetic vehicle signs that you can remove and place again and again, or store indoors when not in use to keep it lasting for a long time.

High heats and cold temperatures both affect the longevity of your vehicle wrap. Long exposure to the sun over years will deteriorate and change the color the wrap, just like any sign or graphic, but the vinyl we use is built to fight UV rays to keep your wrap looking great for years. The cold itself won’t have a huge impact on your wrap, but the chemicals used to combat snow and ice — prevalent in Chicago winters—will deteriorate your wrap if not cleaned off in a reasonable amount of time.

No. We print in full color so there is no limit to the amount of colors you can choose, and the price is only dependent upon the type and square footage of vinyl you choose to use, as well as installation and shipping costs.

How long the vinyl of your car wrap will last will depend on a few factors, but ideally they can last over 4-5 years if properly placed and cared for. The main factor is how the vehicle is used. If it is a vehicle that is outside at all times and exposed to extreme temperatures and weather, then the wrap will last a much shorter time than a vehicle kept in a garage and in more moderate temperatures. Also make sure to keep an eye on holes or tears in your wrap, for if left untreated they can quickly expand and lead to your wrap peeling off.

No. We print in full color so there is no limit to the amount of colors you can choose, and the price is only dependent upon the type and square footage of vinyl you choose to use, as well as installation and shipping costs.

Scratches, holes, and tears in your vehicle wrap are not the end of the world but should be tended to as soon as you can. If left unattended over months and years, dirt can start to accumulate in the holes and tears and will quickly shrink the lifespan of your wrap, and in extreme scenarios can lead to

Simply cleaning your car when there is visible dirt and debris, and getting holes and tears fixed and patched when you spot them is the best you can do to keep your wrap looking great for years.  Patches for your car wrap are cheap and can be applied by us very timely. For even more longevity, keep your car in a garage, less exposure to the sun the better.

The removal process is fairly easy and the wraps themselves will leave no damage behind at all, only trace amounts of residue than can easily be washed off. The adhesive in our wrap material will not corrode or adversely affect your vehicles paint job whatsoever. The only way vinyl can damage your vehicle when removing them is with the actual scraping tools being used to remove them, which is why it is always a safe bet to have one of our professionals remove the vinyl from your vehicle.

For most of our normal vehicle grade vinyl the material is completely opaque, even on the white parts of the image, which is why you should not have it installed on windows that are necessary for driving.  Although we do have a perforated one-way window vinyl that is opaque from the outside of the vehicle but transparent from inside and is perfect if you want to fully cover your vehicle.

You could but it would probably take someone who is not a professional much longer than someone with all of the precise tools and experience of a professional installer, and some larger wraps require more than one person to install. You also guarantee that your wrap or decal is put on precisely and accurately to your exact specifications, because if you mess up installing it yourself, you will have to pay for the replacement material yourself. But for small decals or simple cutout pieces of vinyl, they can fairly easily be installed by anyone.

The width and length of our vehicle wrap material that can be printed is 52”x1798” so in theory just one side needs to be 52” or less. The maximum size of what we can print really doesn’t matter though because they are printed and cut into smaller sections for the various parts of your vehicle like doors and bumpers, yet once installed it will look like a fluid and uniform graphic.

The vehicle wraps Chicago Signs uses can be applied to both your car window and the smooth metal surfaces of your vehicle. Really any surface that is smooth and non-porous is what is necessary for a successful wrap install, if the surface is rough or porous the adhesive will not be able to take hold or will not look smooth and uniform.

No. Our vehicle wrap material is completely opaque and only visible from one side, so placing the wrap on the inside of a car window would make absolutely nothing visible from the outside.

Yes. Our car wraps should hold up in most carwashes, but be careful with power washers as they may damage the wrap if at too high a pressure.

If you have the room you can just keep the wraps flat and in a dry place indoors. You can also roll them up but make sure when you do this to have the visible side with the graphics on them facing outward, and be careful not to fold the wrap because it will keep a visible crease once installed on your vehicle.

Once the car wrap designs get approved, it can take as quickly as 3-5 days for Chicago Signs to print and install your custom vehicle wraps. As with most of our products, rush services are usually available for even faster printing and installation if necessary.